Priestess Training


The next round of Priestess Training will begin early in 2016 and we are asking those who are interested to contact Sue and Priestesses of Kernow to register their interest.

This is a completely new and fully revised training programme consisting of three distinct units of study.

Spiral One : Maiden

labyrinthKey Focus  – Self Development

Study topics include: The History of The Priestesses of Kernow; The Goddess Tradition; The Four Elements and Fours Season; Wheel of the Year; Festivals and The Goddess; The ‘Web’: Sacred Spaces; Altars; Meditation; Journalling

Initiation into the First Spiral of Priestess Work


Spiral Two : Mother

labyrinthKey Focus – Developing Skills

Journeying; Divination; Herbs; Crystals; Auras; Chakras; Cauldrons; Incenses; Colour Candles; Symbolism; Healing; Dowsing; Ceremony

Initiation into the Second Spiral of Priestess Work



Spiral Three : Crone

Key Focus – Service

labyrinthOils; Anointing; Astrology; Mentoring; People Skills; Teaching Skills; Service to the Community and Hearth Work; Service to the Priestesses of Kernow; Rites of Passage; Ritual

Initiation into the Third Spiral of Priestess Work and fully ordained Priestess of Kernow




Contact :  Sue on