Priestesses of Kernow


The Priestesses of Kernow

This group was established in 2004 in order to meet the spiritual and personal needs of women.

Founded by Geraldine, Marjorie and Cheryl the group rapidly grew and led to the formal training and initiation of  21 Priestesses based within Cornwall.

The Goddess in Cornwall festival was an outgrowth of the initial group of trained Priestesses.

An association was made with other Goddess groups, particular the one in Glastonbury and the local Priestesses started to work ‘from the hearth’  (their local areas) with women who became a ‘sisterhood’.

The groups organisation developed into two main strands; the Goddess in Cornwall Festival and Priestess Training.

All initiated Priestesses undertook work within their community and came together for festivals and celebrations.

In 2014, after a period of rest for the group, Sue was asked to take on a leadership role and work to move the Priestesses forward.

This was to entail the re-connection with all ordained priestesses and the development of two key initiatives.

The first, involving training and personal development of Priestesses which would precede the creation of revised training courses for new Priestesses.

pokweb2The second could be considered as being an ‘outreach; initiative. The first part of this would be the development and extension of ‘hearth working’ for all ordained Priestesses who wished to be involved and the second part the creation of a Sisterhood via the web to areas outside of Cornwall.

This World Wide Web of Sisters would seek to collaborate with other groups in the support of women and women’s spirituality.

Sue, who is also a founder member of The Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick, feels honored to have been asked to take on this role and is keen to see the Sisterhood grow and develop.

She can be contacted via her email address :

It is hoped that all Priestesses will be able to have a personal Priestess of Kernow email address, should they want one, in the very near future.

For website issues contact:

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