Goddess Day 2015 – Update

Goddess Day 2015 – Update


Well it’s all shaping up to be a superb day….

The line-up includes

  • Fairy making and storytelling in a tipi
  • Kite making and windmill making for children.
  • Incense smoke oracle readings
  • Owls and flying display from Ravenswell
  • Bull Roarer display and Workshop
  • Butterfly face painting
  • Circle Dancing
  • A talk on the Goddess Tanat and her connections with Helston by Tara Lakomy & Elayne Bines.

There will be information on Priestesses of Kernow ; Air Goddesses; Cornwall Wildlife; Ravenswell; Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick & Pengersick; a Goddess raffle, Goddess Altar, various stalls and live music throughout the day.

Light refreshments will also be available.